K28 Diesel Containerised – External
K22 Diesel Open Frame Configuration
K28 Diesel Containerised – Internal


Designed for continuous operation in arduous environmental conditions, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN UK Ltd. combines the reliability of modern turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel engines with the established quality and durability of the larger Bauer Kompressoren compressor blocks.

With volumetric capacities up to 3500l/min per compressor and working pressures up to 350 bar, these packages provide the worlds leading Seismic and Geophysics companies with a highly flexible and
transportable source of high pressure compressed air
as a power source for guns and supply to downhole

Suitable for both Onshore and Offshore applications
the compressor package is designed to withstand the
most extreme weather conditions and are sufficiently
robust to survive the strains of global transportation
and heavy use.

These specially designed packages include on-board
high pressure storage, 24 hour fuel reservoirs, pressure regulation, lighting and heating where applicable, and benefit from a fully automatic engine management and compressor control system developed over years of experience to offer maximum user friendliness and optimum operator feedback.

Certified by Det Norske Veritas and constructed to
the highest standards using only the best components,
these packages require only diesel fuel to
operate with no reliance on site utilities.